United States District & Bankruptcy Courts
Login and Password Help
Updated on Jan 09, 2019

There are two logins and passwords required to successfully use CM/ECF:

  • PACER login/password is needed to look up information, review the docket, or run reports.
  • ECF login/password is needed to e-file documents.

ECF Login:

  • A registered participant is an attorney, or other authorized person who has successfully completed the registration and training requirements, and has been issued a login and password.
  • The ECF login/password is the official and legal signature of the filing party pursuant to the Electronic Case Filing Procedures  and District of Idaho Local Rules.
  • There is no cost to e-file documents except for the regular filing fees required by the Judicial Conference.

Logging out of ECF or PACER:

  • Always use the "Logout" button on the ECF menu bar when exiting the ECF/PACER program
  • The ECF system allows several minutes of idle time before it will automatically log-off a user.  Therefore, if you do not exit using the logout option, you may be locked out of ECF.
  • If you receive a login error stating - "The account you entered is already logged in" - you may click the "Continue Login" button at the bottom of the screen to continue to log in.  If you receive a security error, you have been locked out.  Please wait 10-15 minutes before you try again at which time you may be successful logging on.

Forgotten password:

If you forgot your password and need a password reset, on the CM/ECF Login screen click on the password reset here link and a new password will be generated and emailed to the designated email address for the primary account holder.